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Download LiteWeb

     LiteWeb is a powerful web server that handles multiple domains and supports PHP, Perl, MySQL, and much more.

Version: 2.82

Price: $19.95  All upgrades are absolutely free.


    · CGI and ISAPI
    · Supports...
    · Multiple Domains
    · Server Side Includes *.SHTML (Currently supports #INCLUDE)
    · Web Authentication
    · Ability to monitor and kill connections
    · Logging with easy copy to clipboard feature
    · Auto-Logon and Run on Windows startup
    · Sits in the system tray when minimized
    · Blacklist (Ban List)
    · Directory Listings
    · Custom 404 Error Pages
    · User-defined MIME Types
    · Integrated DynDNS ( IP update client
    · Integrated No-IP ( IP update client

Download: plw2_82.exe (1.2MB)

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Support: Support is absolutely free. If you have any questions please contact us!