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Secura Backup Home and Professional Editions

Secura Backup is powerful professional backup software that specializes in 128 bit encrypted backups to local drives, network paths, FTP sites, CD/DVD discs, and E-Mail addresses.

Secura Backup is available as Home and Professional editions with the following features available:

128 Bit Security / Encryption
Scheduled Backups
Background Service Application (XP,2K,2K3,Vista)
The Secura Service runs seamlessly in the background and performs backups while the Secura Backup interface isn't running. The service is capable of performing backups even while users aren't logged into the computer.
Shadow Copy (VSS)
The Shadow Copy feature allows Secura to backup files even if they are locked or in use by other programs. This is very convenient for backing up data such as email and databases whose interfaces are always running.
Incremental Backups
The Incremental Backup feature allows Secura to backup only the files which have been changed since the previous backup. This significantly decreases backup time and bandwidth for remote backups.
Includes Secura Archiver
Backup to Local Drives, Network, FTP, and E-Mail
Backup to CD and DVD
E-Mail Notification
Self-Restoring Backup Archives
Self-restoring backup archives can be restored on any computer without installing any software. A trimmed down version of Secura Archiver is included as part of the backup archive and will allow you to quickly and easily restore any or all files from the archive.
No 2GB Backup Size Limit.
Security Key Generator
Supports Unicode (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic..)

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