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Playlist Creator for BlackBerry Pearl

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Download Playlist Creator for BlackBerry Pearl

     Playlist Creator for BlackBerry Pearl is a program designed to transfer music and automatically create playlists on your BlackBerry Pearl. It works by searching through all the music on your device and creating playlists based on the folder structure it finds. If you have a folder called "Rock Music" then a playlist with the same name will be created containing all the music in that particular folder. Once installed you can right click any music folder on your computer and then click "Create Playlist..." and your music will be automatically transferred to your device along with a new playlist file.

Version: 2.34

Price: $9.95  All upgrades are absolutely free.


    · Auto-detects device and music folder
    · Transfers your music and audio folders
    · Automatically creates playlists
    · Supports MTP Mode
    · Supports MSC/Mass Storage mode
    · Easy to use wizard interface
    · Supports Unicode Files

Download: playlistcreatorbbp2_34.exe (2.4MB)

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Support: Support is absolutely free. If you have any questions please contact us!