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Secura Backup Home Edition

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Download Secura Backup Home Edition

     Secura Backup Home Edition is powerful backup software that specializes in 128 bit encrypted backups to local drives, network paths, FTP sites, CD/DVD discs and even to E-Mail addresses.

Version: 3.06

Price: $19.95  All upgrades are absolutely free.


    · 128 Bit Encryption (Security)
    · Incremental Backups
      The Incremental Backup feature allows Secura to backup only the files which have been changed since the previous backup. This significantly decreases backup time and bandwidth for remote backups.
    · Includes Secura Archiver
    · Backup to Local and Network Drives
    · Backup to Remote Destinations via FTP and E-Mail
    · Backup to CD or DVD Discs
    · E-Mail Notification
      Receive E-Mail notifications with a full backup log and status of all your backups.
    · Self-Restoring Backup Archives
      Self-restoring backup archives can be restored on any computer without installing any software. A trimmed down version of Secura Archiver is included as part of the backup archive and will allow you to quickly and easily restore any or all files from the archive.
    · Data Compression
    · No 2GB Backup Size Limit.
    · Full Unicode Support (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic...)
Download: securabackuphomesetup3_06.exe (3.7MB)

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